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Our fit for purpose treatment systems is cost effective and modular for industrial or municipal deployment. The development of innovative/modular technologies has a long-term benefit on reducing contaminants in produced water, minerals, and agriculture that includes proprietary knowledge, technology, and current market solutions. 
Breakwater Vantage provides capabilities for accurate real-time quantification of water quality based on sensor feedback loops with risk mitigation strategies. By understanding your facility energy policy baseline, energy advancements and benchmarking to your internal/external energy targets will drive operational efficiency and reduce air pollutants and GHG emissions. 
Breakwater works with Governments and Companies to employ International Standards to transition from a high polluter to a low carbon emission business. Understating your business strategy and current ventures/initiatives for short-term, medium-term, and long-term operating scenario. Breakwater Vantage will assess any potential risks to facilities and evaluate adaptation opportunities to gain a better understanding of what policies can be implemented to prepare your system for those impacts.



As a society striving towards better sustainable operational performance, Breakwater Vantage is ensuring that our environmental solutions and appropriate opportunities exist to re-use, recycle, or treat the waste without undue risks to human health or the environment or disproportionate costs. The practical availability of other means of disposal should be considered in the light of a comparative risk assessments. Breakwater will address the causes of environmental concerns around pressures on biodiversity; safeguarding biodiversity at all levels; enhance the benefits of biodiversity; and provide for capacity building. Our solutions are coupled to drive long term-value and reliability to address soil contamination and remediation solutions and implementing environmental improvement programs by building "operating controls” to support those improvements.
Breakwater Vantage provides comprehensive water, resource, GHG and environmental management solutions, to help you navigate thru the regulatory requirements, conveyance, data analytics and compliance reporting for lease maintenance, remediation (Abdn) and facility decommissioning plan for closure as part of the Environmental Assessment process. Breakwater recommendations will include a portfolio of options, budgets and provisions for financing or grants/external funding to manage the regulatory requirements (i.e., Clean Fuel) managing your carbon assets or liabilities. Our framework will allow an entity to maintain their readiness through an approach that recognizes the conditions facing your asset or even uncertainty regarding timing, nature and/or magnitude of regulatory requirements/guidance based on obligations.



Breakwater Vantage solutions will diversify the economy by attracting investment to enhance value-add initiatives that will have a long-term positive impact. Our solution is to utilize automation to reduce the complexity with Aquaponic, Hydroponic and Aeroponic farming by allowing for predictive learning to improve yields and productivity, with the addition of robotics to increase reliability.

Breakwater Vantage has identified sustainable agricultural technologies and solutions that will bridge the food security gap by improving access to nutritious foods for our communities and provide a better quality of life. 

The most compelling argument in favour of energy efficiency agriculture improvements is that they represent an opportunity to free up resources that would otherwise be spent on current assets with higher energy costs and GHG. Breakwater Vantage will provide energy audits to agricultural (as well as Energy and large commercial clients) to help identify energy-saving actions.

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Research and Development & Predictive Learning

The integration of technologies will allow a ‘360-degree’ view of our facilities and environment with real-time data transmission, and the capability to analyze at a high degree of certainty. The initiative of using technology to connect and integrate elements, processes and data under a common architecture will lend itself to be easily upgradable to other platforms or applications. Adopting technological applications will manage the analytics of past data for predicting future patterns, while reducing operating cost with greater efficiency and a modular strategy.

Machine vision and algorithms will enhance the value chain used to find yield limiting problems such as maximizing the capture of energy usage and resources for each individual processes, optimal throughput and the measurement of minimum and maximum consumption. Our component specific analysis will convert all types of energy to a common unit and provide a GHG emissions estimate for an asset or liability.

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