Portfolio Work

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Shelves with lettuce in aquaponics syste

Sustainable Farming

Aquaponic engineering, research and development, IoT integration and operations.

Large old rusty oil well pump jack surro

Environmental Programs

Innovative chemicals for soil remediation, environmental accounting, and reclamation.

power solar panel on blue sky background

Sustainable Operations

Deploying solar and biodiesel solutions.

nil tilapia with babyfish, fry, aquaponi

Alternative Fish Nutrients

Research and Development to develop an alternative fish source for aquaculture.

Chemical water treatment system. Panoram

Waste Water and Water Treatment

Designing, engineering, financing and operating water treatment facilities.

smart farm ,agriculture concept, farmer

Smart Farms and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and data analytic products/solutions for agriculture purposes.

iot smart industry robot 4.0 agriculture

Automation and Robotics

Research and Development into IoT and Robotics for aquaponic farming.

industrial buildings and solar panels. r

Emission Reduction

Funding applications, allocating offset credits, monitoring programs, and executing proven solutions.

Large industrial water treatment and boi

Water Treatment

Groundwater water treatment system for communities and aquaponics.

Wairakei geothermal electric power gener

Geothermal And Electricity

Development into an innovative OGC Solutions that are mobile and can generate electricity 0.5MW-5MW.