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Portfolio Work

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Ball mill at a Copper Mine in Chile at dawn..jpg

Mine Water Treatment Technologies

Reduce tailings water volume and/or improve water quality for discharge to wetlands.

Drum for generator steam of HRSG boilers systems (Heat recovery steam generator) during co

SAGD Water De-Bottlenecking and Treater Optimization

Water Treatment of off-spec water BSW to minimize downtime and increase treating capacity.

Vibrating screen, ore washing with liquid. The liquid is poured out in a fan-like stream f

Water Treatment

Mineral removal water treatment systems for enhanced recovery of precious metals.

Large industrial water treatment and boiler room. Shiny steel metal pipes and blue pumps a

Waste Water and Water Treatment

Produce Water treatment services: designing, engineering and operating water treatment facilities.

smart farm ,agriculture concept, farmer

Produce Water Waste Disposal Solutions

Reduce Produce Water Disposal for remote oil and gas locations with limited access to disposal wells.

power solar panel on blue sky background

Sustainable Operations

Integrating predictive learning and data analytic optimization solutions to minimize carbon footprint

Compressed natural gas decompression gasifier. CNG industrial pipes tower with blue

Emission Reduction

Workshop and evaluations in allocating GHG and credits, type of monitoring programs, and proven emission reduction solutions.

Creek hill in beautiful Saskatchewan nature.jpg

Environmental Solutions

Evaluating concerns with chemicals for soil remediation, environmental accounting, and reclamation programs.

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