Providing owner and independent engineering and design services, together with impartial technical specialists and program advisor services will translate vision to reality. Our multidisciplinary team in process systems, utilities, energy infrastructure, industrial equipment, simulation, modelling, agriculture, water and asset management is part of the core disciplines in civil, mechanical, chemical and agricultural engineering and is our fundamental skillset. We have a track record of success and you can trust us to provide you with the best products, data analytics, technological and chemical solutions to meet your operating systems requirements such that they use energy and resources sustainably, while developing new ideas to find more effective ways to solve current challenges.

We use the latest technology, 2D, 3D modelling and UAV scanning with the highest resolution to minimize errors to complete large complex modular assemblies. Breakwater Vantage solutions around modularization can be considered for all processes and provide a number of benefits such as having the resources in place to deliver on the most complex modular solutions and the ability to fast track projects.

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