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At Breakwater Vantage we believe purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign; it is our company’s fundamental reason for serving the communities we work in and creates value for all stakeholders. Our ambition is to establish a forward-looking business strategy for long-term value creation through inspiring discussions with stakeholders by way of opportunity evaluation to formulate a strategic value proposition.

We bring a thorough understanding of the environmental sustainability lifecycle of a clients' challenges from operational design and engineering to construction. We cultivate an ecosystem that drives healthy ideals, virtues and principles based on merit. We recognize the interdependence between nature and the human foundations of a business, such that we are driven to identify sustainable solutions for the future. Activities include, minimizing the impact of disruption from new technology or regulations, water recycling, reclaiming stranded assets, optimization, 3D modelling, air emissions and minimizing waste and infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. Regulation change is driving a profound reassessment of risk, and at Breakwater Vantage we put an unwavering focus to implement environmental transparency, management controls, processes and systems, that will provide a true verification and will ensure resilience in maintaining a market competitiveness. 

Breakwater Vantage is committed to an atmosphere of teamwork, accountability, diversity, inclusion, integrity and trust. Our core values encourage everyone to collectively participate in the decision-making process to develop projects that delivers long term value.

Breakwater Vantage is focused on responsible growth of our communities, resources, energy and agriculture that contributes to local, national and global economies. We recognize that the economic benefits of our markets must be balanced with care for the environment. In-line with our purpose of helping communities, clients and stakeholders with a sustainable future and value creation; Breakwater Vantage embraces a broader set of responsibilities to work with industry, our partners and governments to advocate for policies that facilitate growth.

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At Breakwater Vantage, we are committed to providing creative and thoughtful solutions for our clients. We know that each customer is different, which is why all of our services can be easily customized.

We are dedicated to work closely and collaboratively with all stakeholders. We strive to uphold a reputation for innovative and cost-effective solutions to solve the most complex or simple challenges in water, energy, resource and agriculture.

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Corporate strategic goal in terms of everyday business activities is the creation of 'sustainable projects, adoption of a social and environmental management systems; sustainable management of the value chain and reporting on financial and non-financial performance and thereby the ability to support any firm’s competitive advantage. Sustainability is achieved by strongly integrating it into strategic goals and needs to be deeply anchored in all departments and daily tasks'.

                                                                                                                  - David Grygar, COO