At Breakwater Vantage we build full turn-key infrastructure, CFD/3D models and emissions data based on science from field data that have been test-driven by a computer aided visualization software. Our optimization tools will solve a clients' given “difficult” problem via finding solutions of a sequence of “easier” subproblems with respect to the original variable. Efficient equipment often has a longer service life and requires less maintenance than older, less efficient technologies and can avoid the need for costly future expansions. Data analytics is one of the state-of-the-art tools used to optimize and transform from being a “blind” tube conveying data, into a more cognitive, conscious, and self-optimizing entity that can intelligently adapt according to a clients’ needs, identify bottlenecks and mitigate risk. Breakwater Vantage will incorporate tools, techniques and economic feasibility studies to minimize the impact on air, water, and land, thereby maximizing an entity's long-term value. These tools and techniques allow us to support our communities, clients, and stakeholders with hazard assessments, risk mitigation protocols, fluid dynamics, troubleshooting operational processes and optimization recommendations where understanding the risk associated with a project is done through scenario analysis with predefined conditions to account for risk shifting, risk transfer or risk acceptance.