Water Reuse and Recovery Services

Breakwater Vantage experience include fabrication, upgrading and implementing operational changes in water process improvements, hydraulic fracturing fluid, water additives and proppant, dissolved material, and formation water. We strive to reduce energy or water sourcing (stream, groundwater, public water supply industrial effluent or recovered brine water) requirements which translates to cost savings. Wastewater operations can achieve additional savings by decentralizing new treatment facilities. Small, local treatment facilities reduce the energy costs of conveyance and make treated wastewater available for local uses in energy, agriculture, or municipalities. 

The management of the growing volume of wastewater is creating an environmental challenge in North America.  Our treatment solutions involve reuse of water that can be both cost effective and fit for purpose, the embodiment of responsible stewardship. As human demand for water creates a greater variation and stress in the distribution of water, our strategy will allow current infrastructure to increase capacity for treating water/wastewater and even improve the performance of treatment process, by reducing potential impacts of failures and risk of contaminants.

​At Breakwater Vantage innovative solutions is a core value for our company, and we offer a wide range of solutions to become a “net zero” consumer of energy (burning biogas, evaporator technology - request for additional information).