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Water Specialist

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JOB ID: WS20220101:

Position Description – Water Specialist

Seeking a qualified Water Specialist to engage with Breakwater Vantage and have experience in technologies to help achieve environmental compliance and water security. Water specialist will support with soil, groundwater and biophysical monitoring to water resource development and management and provide straight-forward and understandable solutions to make informed decisions. Successful candidates will be contacted.

Breakwater Vantage is currently seeking a water specialist to join our growing team of professionals. The position will be based out of our Calgary office. We are seeking a specialist who is highly motivated, independent, and committed to working with a diverse group of people.

The successful candidate will have an integral role in leading the planning, design, and construction of bigas infrastructure. The successful candidate will also provide guidance to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals on several diverse projects that could be occurring concurrently and will be responsible for producing technical work within their respective discipline.


  • Leadership style adapts as necessary to maintain team morale and collaboration to meet client and project objectives.

  • Will quickly develop an excellent understanding of project outcomes, resourcing needs, client needs, and financial and quality management requirements.

  • Build effective networks and working relationships with key stakeholders – both external and internal.

  • Provide engineering, technical and advisory services to clients for specific projects in respect to water and wastewater engineering.

  • Develop and strengthen existing skills and deliver engineering projects in accordance with client requirements and in-line with company and industry best practice.

  • Undertake internal technical reviews and verification checks on analysis, reports, designs and associated advice.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Creative problem-solver with demonstrated technical abilities.

  • Participate with engineering, industry partners, customers, and regulatory agencies to develop and implement graded approach product acceptance standards.

  • Support global requirements assuring compliance with all regulatory agencies by implementing NIR technique to raw material identification testing.

  • Coordinated with government regulatory agencies, sanitation and water districts, environmental testing labs and research institutions.

  • Reviewed and evaluated business procedures and made recommendations to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and directives.

  • Consult with enterprise, industry, customers, and regulatory agencies to establish requirements for the performance of supplier audits and assessments.

  • Perform Water Quality field surveys for compliance, evaluations, improvements, violations under federal/state regulations.

  • Water Quality Coordinator, Information & Education Specialist Riparian and Wetland Protection.

  • Maintained and operated continuous water quality monitoring equipment and meters.

  • Organized and coordinated a comprehensive water quality monitoring program.

  • Supervised water quality and facility support staff.

  • Researched best management practices for technical staff.

  • Used standardized formatting to summarize quantitative conservation literature to better communicate methods and results of potential species or habitat management practices.

  • Developed performance measures for regional outdoor Best Management Practices.

  • Prepared and designed site-specific SWPP plans and effective best management practices estimates for storm water management plans.

  • Lead regional and statewide trainings for biologists and partners on current AIS monitoring procedures and best management practices for gear decontamination.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Engineering from an accredited University specializing in chemical engineering and water treatment, is preferred.

  • Minimum 10 years applicable experience in industry or the consulting sector, with a minimum of 5 years solid technical experience in water and/or wastewater treatment.

  • Ensure safety and reliability.

  • Plan and work together with clients, contractors, consultants, and other engineers to ensure effective and desirable outcomes.

  • Communicate technical information to suppliers, contractors, or regulatory agencies.

  • Discuss designs or plans with clients. Design processing plants and related systems.

  • Design industrial processing systems.

  • Prepare detailed work plans. Supervise processing or manufacturing operations.

  • Proven project management experience in a multidisciplinary environment on water and wastewater related projects.

  • Experience in successful technical delivery of projects.

  • Results orientated, with a reputation for, and demonstrated achievement of key strategic priorities.

  • Strong organizational ability to optimize and prioritize conflicting demands in a busy environment, to achieve deadlines and see responsibilities through to completion.

  • Experience in working in a technical leadership role within a multi-disciplinary team.

The list of duties in this job description should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive. Duties will be set out in this job description but please note that the Breakwater Vantage Inc. reserves the right to update the job description, from time to time, to reflect changes in, or to, the role.

Breakwater Vantage Inc. welcomes and encourages applications from people requiring accommodation for religious, disability or other reasons. Upon request, Breakwater Vantage Inc. will provide reasonable accommodation to support participation of candidates in all aspects of the recruitment process.

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