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Sustainability Report

Our story to a more sustainable future!

Management and performance improvement of sustainability data is key to start ESG reporting and achieve ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. Evaluating our company’s sustainability performance can be challenging due to the complexity of required Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data from multiple sources and changing standards for management and disclosures. Furthermore, changing government legislation and regulatory frameworks have increased the complexity to ensure our team stays a heard of the curve. Finally, our portfolio of work that we operate in are environmentally sensitive areas so we need to ensure the right solution is fit for purpose and proper indigenous consultation processes are followed to ensure Treaty Rights are protected.

Our solution-at-scale for small/large organizations based on our technical and leadership expertise and a deep understanding and broad experiences of our internal processes has enabled us to improve our ESH Score. Reporting frameworks and stakeholder initiatives can easily comply with the new ESG Reporting Frameworks but with a changing landscape and working on long time horizons how do we align with increased investor interest. We enable companies and our investors to provide sustainability information professionally and transparently to complement financial reporting that are grounded in data and insights to improve our corporate sustainability performance which is foundational to our success.

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