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Sustainability Accounting: Services

Sustainability Accounting - Environmental Services

At Breakwater Vantage we are experienced in providing environmental and engineering solutions that are proven, cost driven, and sustainable for the future. We strive to be industry-leaders in transparency and disclosure by utilizing emerging technologies, AI, sensor-based continuous monitoring, facility flyovers, and remote detection via satellites, to minimize our impact on the environment. The goal is to proactively identify issues before they become a problem by utilizing GRI and SASB compatible standards for sustainability reporting. SASB’s focus is on industry-specific metrics and disclosures, however GRI’s is broader in terms of economic, environmental, and social impacts. Breakwater Vantage will support in navigating the Alberta carbon offset market, carbon creation and value. We realize the importance of balancing cost-effective solutions with restoring our natural resources. Our experts will assess the stranded asset environmental impacts and activities on the natural environment and provide solutions on asset recovery, recapitalization, and transaction of idle and surplus equipment. Strong ESG performance associated with an entity's carbon footprint, abandonment, decommissioning and reclamation obligations can be inextricably linked to having strong business performance and long-term financial resilience. Our approach melds the technical excellence of our engineers with proven organizational project management capabilities and systems while taking into consideration environmental accounting and our clients' obligations and budgets.

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