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Health, Safety and Environmental

Global Vision, Community Values

Breakwater Vantage has an established Code of Conduct that sets out its expectations in various areas of legal and ethical concern. The Code recognizes that the reputation of Breakwater Vantage is dependent upon the integrity and sense of responsibility of its directors, officers, employees, consultants and contractors. It is imperative that a high standard of ethical, moral, professional and legal conduct be evidenced in all business practices.

The entire code applies to all employees of Breakwater Vantage, regardless of the individual's position. Any reference to "employee" herein includes employees, consultants and contractors of Breakwater Vantage.

To foster and build a cooperative working relationship with communities and governments in North America all employees shall adhere to Breakwater Vantage and follow the practices; Code of Conduct, Responsibility for Employees and Contractors, Work Site Requirements, Code of Practice, Specific Safe Work Practices and Specific Environmental Work Practices.

Health Safety & Environment: Services

Health, Safety and Environment

Reflected in Breakwater Vantage core values is its commitment to the safety and health of its employees and the protection of the environment. All employees are responsible for complying with Breakwater Vantage's various policies on health, safety and the environment. In particular, Breakwater Vantage expects all employees to; create and maintain safe work environment, review monitor and enhance safety performance and promptly, efficiently and effectively report and respond to any environmental and safety concerns.

Hazard assessments are part of Breakwater Vantage safety program and are included in pre-job and work permit/clearance documentation.


Applicable law

Breakwater Vantage employees are expected to take all steps necessary to ensure that they are conducting Breakwater Vantage business in full compliance with all applicable laws. If there are questions about a law or its application in a particular situation, Breakwater Vantage legal department should be consulted.

Hazard assessments are completed for OH&S regulations to identify any existing or potential hazards before work begins. Once identified these hazards must be eliminated. Any hazards that cannot be eliminated must be controlled.



Violations of the Code are serious offences that may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment or relationship with Breakwater Vantage, as applicable. In addition, violations of the law may result in fines, penalties or other legal remedies.

Prime contractor is responsible for; control of the designated work area; ensuring employers are aware of their responsibilities to their employees; making sure all regulations are followed and coordinating the work of the various employers on site.

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Obeying the law is a priority at Breakwater Vantage. Employees and contractors are responsible for meeting regulations and industry guidelines. Regulatory agencies are placing the onus on Breakwater Vantage to be responsible and auditing our performance. Substandard performance can damage credibility, value and ability to perform work. Responsibility of Breakwater Vantage and contract supervisors to ensure worksite is in compliance; have the required permits and approvals, familiar with the terms and conditions of any permits, ensure equipment and procedures been checked and are aware with all manufactures specifications and any relevant regulations. Finally ensure workers are appropriately trained to understand their HSE responsibility.

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Asset Integrity

Breakwater Vantage asset integrity management is ensuring that the people, systems, processes and resources that deliver integrity are in place, in use and will perform when required over the whole lifecycle of the asset. That the asset required function, performs effectively and efficiently while protecting health, safety and the environment. Provides accountability and operational efficiency strengthen business assurance and compliance and consolidate data into a single, integrated system.

Internal and Operational Audit

Improve the productivity and impact thru uncovering problems, raises awareness of emerging risks and provides management with the information and tools to improve efficiency. Strengthen management awareness of compliance-oriented assessments, inspections and audits of systems, processes and operations. Audits will help in achieving strategic objectives and improve business performance thru integration and optimization of processes to deliver a single version of the truth.

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Quality Management

Critical to a business in making sure that assets, products and solutions can meet clients’ needs. Managing quality needs that can support entity working effectively, efficiently and to provide an opportunity to create more value.  ISO 9001 allows Breakwater Vantage and our clients meeting their quality needs to satisfy applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; essential for the integrity of any installation or solution by satisfying all safety-critical elements (SCEs).

Health Safety & Environment: Products
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