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Portfolio Work

Designed with You in Mind

Land Mining

Mine Water Treatment Technologies

Breakwater Vantage project aims to reduce tailings water volume and improve water quality for safe discharge into wetlands. By implementing advanced treatment technologies, we focus on minimizing water waste and enhancing the purification process, ensuring the treated water meets environmental standards and supports wetland ecosystems.

Drum for generator steam of HRSG boilers systems (Heat recovery steam generator) during co

SAGD Water De-Bottlenecking and Treater Optimization

Breakwater Vantage project targets the treatment of off-spec water with high basic sediment and water (BSW) content to minimize downtime and boost treating capacity. By employing advanced treatment technologies, we aim to enhance efficiency, ensuring consistent water quality and maximizing operational uptime.

Water Tanks

Water Treatment Debottlenecking Design Review

Water treatment systems for drinking Water and waste treatment.

Thermal power plant.jpg

Waste Water and Water Treatment

Breakwater Vantage project offers comprehensive produced water treatment services, encompassing the design, engineering, and operation of state-of-the-art water treatment facilities. Our approach includes developing customized solutions to meet specific client needs, enhancing water quality through advanced treatment technologies, and optimizing operational efficiency. By prioritizing sustainability, we ensure effective water management practices that reduce environmental impact and support regulatory compliance, ultimately delivering reliable and efficient water treatment solutions.


Produce Water Waste Disposal Solutions

Breakwater Vantage project focuses on reducing produced water disposal for remote oil and gas locations with limited access to disposal wells by implementing advanced water treatment solutions. We design, engineer, and operate specialized facilities that enhance water quality, enabling its reuse and minimizing the need for disposal. By prioritizing sustainability, we reduce environmental impact and support conservation efforts, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting efficient water management practices in challenging and isolated areas.

Part of a biogas plant .jpg

Landfill, Treatment and Waste Water

Breakwater Vantage project leverages advanced technologies to treat landfill water, emphasizing sustainability, methane emission reduction, and Indigenous priorities. We design, engineer, and operate cutting-edge treatment facilities that enhance water quality, reduce environmental impact, and promote water reuse. By integrating sustainable practices, mitigating methane emissions, and respecting Indigenous knowledge and values, we ensure our solutions support environmental stewardship and community well-being.

Interior of the waste incineration plant. Industrial concept..jpg

Waste Heat Recovery And Electricity

Breakwater Vantage project offers innovative OGC solutions that are mobile and capable of generating electricity ranging from 0.5MW to 5MW. These advanced systems provide flexible, on-site power generation, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in remote locations. By integrating cutting-edge technology with mobility, we deliver reliable and scalable power solutions tailored to meet diverse operational needs.

power solar panel on blue sky background

Sustainable Operations

Integrating predictive learning and data analytic optimization solutions to minimize carbon footprint

Compressed natural gas decompression gasifier. CNG industrial pipes tower with blue

Emission Tracking and Reduction Solutions

Workshop and evaluations in allocating GHG and credits, type of monitoring programs, software development for industry, and proven emission reduction solutions.

Creek hill in beautiful Saskatchewan nature.jpg

Environmental Solutions

Breakwater Vantage pioneering project revolutionizes the Oil, Gas, and Chemical (OGC) industry by integrating cutting-edge software solutions, closure planning expertise, and environmentally sustainable practices. Led by Indigenous communities, our closure plans prioritize cultural preservation and environmental stewardship. We leverage advanced environmental software to meticulously track construction and reclamation efforts, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and minimizing ecological impact. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability extends to the adoption of greener solutions, including eco-friendly chemicals and mechanical equipment, facilitating a holistic approach to energy production that prioritizes efficiency, conservation, and community well-being.


Carbon Accounting, Tracking and Offset

Development of Sustainability Reports and Offset Tracking/Trading.

organic vertical farming.jpg

Sustainable Farming

Breakwater Vantage project encompasses aquaponic engineering, research, and development, along with IoT integration and operations. In collaboration with our joint venture partner, Ubba's Grub Hub, an Indigenous-owned and operated enterprise from Fort McKay, we pioneer food sovereignty initiatives alongside habitat restoration efforts. Our focus extends beyond conventional agriculture, incorporating native and Indigenous trees to promote reclamation and biodiversity. Through innovative technologies and community-led initiatives, we strive to advance sustainable food production while nurturing ecological balance and Indigenous cultural heritage.

Wetland Creation

Mine Reclamation Planning & Design & Technical Solutions

Oil Sands Life of Mine Closure planning, water chemistry evaluations, landform design, toxicology, regulatory, end pit lakes design, berms, wetlands, chemicals

Native American Costume

Indigenous Rights Advocacy & Treaty Rights

Breakwater Vantage advocacy for Indigenous rights, treaties, and economic reconciliation is reflected in our efforts to establish Bilateral Agreements with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Cumulative Effects Working Group (CIWG), and Federal and Provincial Ministries. These agreements aim to promote collaboration, mutual understanding, and respect for Indigenous sovereignty and traditional territories. By engaging in meaningful dialogue and forging partnerships, we seek to advance reconciliation, protect Indigenous rights, and ensure equitable participation in environmental decision-making processes.

Laws and regulations

Federal and Provincial Regulatory Review & Policy

Breakwater Vantage policy involves collaboration with Ottawa, ministers, and agencies such as Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), and the Cumulative Effects Working Group (CIWG), along with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), to navigate regulations such as the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), the Water Act, and AER Directive Applications & Tracking.


SAGD Boiler Tube Optimization R&D and Field Pilot

Breakwater Vantage conduct technical reviews and engage in research and development to explore new technologies and solutions, such as innovative chemicals, aimed at enhancing steam utilization and improving steam quality.

New C.E.C. Logo.png

PTAC & Alberta Innovates & CanEric

GHG Emission Reduction and Tank Emissions Web Portal/App & Operations Handbook was developed with the Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Consortium, producers, mid-streamers and researchers.


Toxicology Berry Study

WBEA Study is a comprehensive initiative aimed at conducting in-depth analyses of human health impacts and the uptake of contaminants of concern in traditional Indigenous berries. This study not only delves into the technical intricacies of water and air quality but also provides valuable insights into the potential risks posed by environmental pollutants. By leveraging advanced methodologies and scientific expertise, we aim to provide actionable data that informs decision-making processes and facilitates the implementation of effective mitigation strategies, thereby safeguarding both public health and ecological integrity.

Crosswind Energy Logo.png

Tailings Water Chemical Treatment Piloting

Breakwater Vantage project focuses on the efficient treatment of tailings water, targeting the removal of course sand, fines, and contaminants of concern. Through advanced treatment processes and innovative technologies, we aim to not only address the technical challenges associated with tailings water treatment but also deliver significant value in terms of environmental stewardship and resource recovery. By effectively removing contaminants and reclaiming water resources, our approach minimizes the environmental impact of mining operations while maximizing the reuse potential of treated water, thus enhancing sustainability and operational efficiency.

Large industrial water treatment and boiler room. Shiny steel metal pipes and blue pumps a

Frac Water Treatment and Disposal Reduction

Breakwater  project focuses on treating frac water for reuse across North America using innovative modular and mobile water treatment systems. These systems are designed for scalability and transportability, providing efficient on-site treatment to reduce environmental impact and conserve freshwater resources. By removing contaminants, our technology enables the recycling of water for hydraulic fracturing and other industrial uses, offering significant cost savings, regulatory compliance, and operational flexibility.

Data collection will involve gathering information on various aspects of Indigenous engage

Understanding Indigenous Engagement in Alberta's Digital Economy

Data collection will involve gathering information on various aspects of Indigenous engagement in the digital economy, including access to technology, digital literacy, employment opportunities, and barriers faced by Indigenous job seekers. Advanced data analysis techniques will be employed to derive meaningful insights from the collected data.

Natural gas pipeline. One part of Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to European Union. High

Pathways Carbon Pipeline and Indigenous Engagement

leveraged technology solutions to facilitate data collection, analysis, and dissemination. This included the use of digital platforms, remote sensing technologies, and geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance the research process and make findings accessible to stakeholders.

green chemical nature picture.jpg

Land Reclamation and Indigenous Engagement

Breakwater Vantage implemented GHG monitoring initiatives to track emissions associated with land reclamation activities. This involved deploying monitoring equipment and conducting regular assessments to quantify GHG emissions and identify opportunities for mitigation. The project focused on addressing contamination of concern in soil and water resources through innovative remediation techniques. We piloted the use of proprietary green chemicals to reduce GHG emissions associated with traditional remediation methods, such as trucking of waste soil or water.

Bill C-69 Canada, Indigenous rights, enviroment.jpg

Indigenous Engagement and Human Health Impacts

In collaboration with key stakeholders including First Nations, Economic Development, NRCan, and First Nations, embarks on a comprehensive research initiative. The primary objective is to develop human health baselines and an Indigenous Determinants Health Model to understand the health impacts of pollutants resulting from over development. The study employs a multifaceted approach, integrating surveys, interviews, and data analysis techniques to comprehensively explore the factors shaping Indigenous health.

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