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Governance: Testimonials

Breakwater Vantage values an open culture, where everybody including clients can freely contribute ideas and express opinions to create a collaborative and friendly working environment. We are dedicated to deliver long-term value by providing solutions that meet corporate guidance targets, social, economic and environmental goals. We focus on a common vision driven by mutual success. Our exceptional client engagement, project oversight and process control ensure that we deliver key performance success on matters that directly impact our clients' bottom line and operations.

Breakwater Vantage demonstrates corporate governance through accountability that is fair and open with our people, our communities, our clients and our stakeholders. It is the responsibility of everyone at Breakwater Vantage to hold themselves to a high standard and adhere to the Corporate Governance Agreement (the "Governance") to enhance long term growth.

Ethics and Integrity are important to our employees, our leaders, and senior management by allowing for share-owner engagement. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and integrity while engaging with a variety of sources, such as the relationship between the entity and counterparties, regulators, governments, the environment, suppliers and clients. 

All officers, directors and employees at Breakwater Vantage are responsible for maintaining this level of integrity and for complying with the policies contained in the Code of Business Conduct (the “Code”).

We support our clients to meet their performance goals with fully integrated and innovative solutions and industry benchmarked performance data to further their corporate mission for capitalizing on sustainable and responsible investment.

Our policies and project governance contribute to an effective and consistent execution of the business to achieve high standards that our clients rely on day-in and day-out.

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