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Optimization & Data Analytics: Services

Optimization and Data Analytics

At Breakwater Vantage we build full turn-key infrastructure, CFD/3D models and emissions data based on science, field data and computer aided visualization software. Our data controls and Integrity monitoring will include KPI’s, performance standard verification audits and operability reviews to identify hazards/risks. Efficient equipment often has a longer service life and requires less maintenance than older, less efficient designs and it could avoid the need for costly future expansions.

Breakwater Vantage incorporates tools, techniques, and economic feasibility studies to minimize designs impact on air, water, and land, thereby maximizing an entity's long-term value. These tools and techniques allow to support our communities, clients, and stakeholders with hazard assessments, risk mitigation protocols, fluid dynamics, troubleshooting, and optimization recommendations where understanding the Quantitative Risk associated with risk shifting, risk transfer or risk acceptance.

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