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Asset Management Consulting: Services

Asset Management

Breakwater Vantage solutions help clients to budget accordingly and make the best decisions quickly and consistently to maintain assets as per IPIECA/API/IOGP Sustainability Reporting, SASB Materiality Map, and SGB action manager tool. This broader conceptualization allows a multifaceted investigation of an entity’s physical assets, guidance targets, GHG emissions, and budgets. By adopting data-driven, integrated processes and systems this affords an understanding of the general management of operational activities: production, carbon liability, infrastructure throughput, water/recovery, resource assessment, optimization, sustainability and clean energy. Having a focused strategy with a tactical project execution approach maximizes returns, improves safety, and access to reliable real-time data across an assets lifecycle (KPI's). Motivated quantitatively through the pursuit of analytics can identify key technological gaps. We believe in data driven decision-making to deliver a full turnkey solution to managing costs, protecting project economics, and mitigating hazards. Our Knowledge Based Decision Making (KBDM) tool is applied at multiple points across the asset management value chain, with fully intelligent process diagrams that will help with planning, cost assurance, management and assets' usefulness.

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