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FMFN Group of Companies & Breakwater Vantage

The Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies (FMFN Group) is the proud business entity of the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation. We are solutions focused business to help meet your environmental and sustainability goals.

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News: Carbon Reduction

Tank Venting & Operations Handbook

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Sustainability is core to our business

Climate change; Market volatility; Rising stakeholder expectations; are transforming the way you do business.

We are strengthening our capabilities to better serve you, with solutions that are relevant for today.

We understand our clients needs are changing and we are responding to help you navigate and adapt to a changing world.

We are committed to provide a new and unparalleled level of client service. Our focus is on end-to-end technical water and energy solutions, with a specialization in cutting edge technology providers and software programs.

We prioritize delivering exceptional service for our clients, communities and stakeholders with a keen focus on accretive value growth.

Our clients can leverage our technical expertise in industrial water treatment, clean energy solutions, sustainability accounting, and asset optimization.

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Sustaining Future Generations - Trade Show

Thank you to the great communities we work with. Learn more about how we are working together to create long-term benefits for Fort McMurray 468 First Nation and its membership
while driving mutually beneficial business opportunities and growth within the Athabasca Region and North America.

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Exciting News - Oil Sands Toxicity

Martin Grygar was at the House of Commons in Ottawa to speak on the issue of toxicology concerns and complexities in the Oil Sands, Fort McMurray. Breakwater is working with indigenous communities and oil sands operators to solve this very complex issue with treatment technologies and solutions where the indigenous communities can participate in a meaningful way to protect the environment for future generations.

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Exciting News - Business Elite Canada

Breakwater Vantage supports Indigenous Communities and Corporations in managing their resources in an environmentally responsible manner by offering expertise in areas such as carbon footprint analysis, waste treatment, chemical optimization, GHG emission analysis, asset assessments, and oil and gas mining / exploration. To achieve this, Breakwater Vantage leverages technological innovations, facilitates policy changes, and drives cultural shifts to support the transition to a more sustainable energy system and solution.

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Our Experience

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Biological Purification
Wetland Creation
Mining Plant

Water Resource

Environment & Reclamation

Resource Recovery

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Sustainable Farming

Design & Engineering

Asset Liability Management & Policy

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At Breakwater Vantage, we are committed to "our people, doing the right thing, and combining science, engineering and technology to drive value"

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