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Our specialists can provide fit for purpose treatment systems that is cost effective, modular and economical. Utilizing innovative technologies will have long term benefits on reducing contaminants in produced water, minerals and agriculture. Our custom design water treatment packages include proprietary knowledge and market solutions to commission sophisticated treatment processes. These cost and energy efficiencies will have a major impact on operating costs, air pollution and GHG emissions.

Breakwater Vantage provides capabilities for accurate real-time quantification of water quality constituents based on sensor feedback loops and risk mitigation strategies. Our solutions include enhancement of a facility energy policy, energy advancements and a baseline and benchmark goal for energy targets.

Governments are making strides to transition to low carbon businesses. The environment in which companies will operate, in the short, medium and long term, will need to make informed strategic and business decisions. Breakwater Vantage will assess any potential risks to facilities and evaluate adaptation options to gain a better understanding of what strategies can be used to prepare your system for those impacts.


As a society striving towards better sustainable operational performance, Breakwater Vantage is ensuring that our environmental solutions and opportunity costs are coupled to drive long term-value and reliability. Breakwater Vantage is continually evaluating different innovative solutions to address soil contamination and remediation solutions and implementing environmental improvement programs by building "operating controls” to support those improvements.

Breakwater Vantage provides comprehensive water, resource, GHG and environmental management solutions, to help you navigate thru the regulatory complexities, conveyance, data analytics and compliance reporting. Ensuring that stranded assets, environment and your critical resources are managed compliantly and cost effectively.

Our field and technical specialists are providing solutions to meet the specific goals and objectives for our clients. Breakwater Vantage solutions and services vary from project-to-project, to ensure a practical and cost-effective solution for environmental and carbon management (assets & liability). This framework will allow an entity to maintain their readiness through an approach that recognizes the diversity of conditions facing an asset and uncertainty regarding the nature, timing and magnitude of regulatory requirements or expectation based on yearly guidance obligations.

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Breakwater Vantage solutions will diversify the economy by attracting investment to enhance value-add initiatives that will have a long-term positive impact. Our solution is to utilize automation to reduce the complexity with Aquaponic, Hydroponic and Aeroponic farming by allowing for predictive learning to improve yields and productivity, with the addition of robotics to increase reliability.

Breakwater Vantage has identified sustainable agricultural technologies and solutions that will bridge the food security gap by improving access to nutritious foods for our communities and provide a better quality of life. 

The most compelling argument in favour of energy efficiency agriculture improvements is that they represent an opportunity to free up resources that would otherwise be spent on current assets with higher energy costs and GHG. Breakwater Vantage will provide energy audits to agricultural (as well as Energy and large commercial clients) to help identify energy-saving actions.


The integration of technologies will allow a ‘360-degree’ view of our facilities and environment, real-time data transmission, and therefore, the capability to analyze with a high degree of certainty. The initiative of using technology to connect and integrate elements, processes and data under a common architecture will lend itself to be easily upgradable to either other platforms or applications. Adopting technological applications will manage the analytics of past data for predicting future patterns, while reducing operating cost through greater efficiency from the modular strategy.

Machine vision and algorithms will enhance the value chain used to find yield limiting problems such as maximizing the capture of energy usage and resources for each individual processes, optimal throughput and the measurement of minimum and maximum consumption. Our component specific analysis will convert all types of energy to a common unit and provide a GHG emissions estimate for an asset or liability.


Dedicated to sustainability, technology, growth and long-term value



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We focus on end-to-end technical solutions, operations and commercial capabilities, with a specialization in cutting edge technologies and software programs.

We prioritize delivering exceptional service for our clients, communities and stakeholders with a keen focus on accretive value growth. Our clients can leverage our technical expertise in energy, asset management, water treatment, innovative solutions, KPI tracking, sustainability accounting, risk transferring, clean energy, AOR, operation excellence and asset optimization.


At Breakwater Vantage, we are committed to "our people, doing the right thing, and combining science, engineering and technology to drive value"

                                                                                                - Martin Grygar, President & CEO