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​FMFN Group of Companies & Breakwater Vantage

The Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies (FMFN Group) is the proud business entity of the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation. We are solutions focused business to help meet your environmental and sustainability goals.

Engage with us to support a platform dedicated to promoting healthy living, environmental stewardship, reclamation planning, soil and pore water treatment, tailings water treatment, frac water reuse, methane monitoring, abatement, and more. We encourages meaningful conversations and a strong, interconnected community. Together, let's create a thriving and sustainable world.

Cultivating capacity to assess needs and Resources for Indigenous led Nature based Solutions. Capacity gaps often pose barriers to Indigenous led nature based solutions. Breakwater Vantage is well placed to create tools and resources to address those gaps. We conducted a desktop research scan and interviewed partners and collaborators, including ENGOs working on capacity building tools and programs, as well as individuals working on the ground in communities to advance nature-based solutions. We provide overviews of emerging capacity cultivating approaches and summarizes key capacity needs and outstanding gaps identified by community partners, offering recommendations to address the gaps identified. The results will inform the co-creation of capacity building tools grounded in community needs.

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Crosswind Energy

Transforming Today's Ideas into Tomorrow's Solutions
Your Trusted Chemical & Service Supplier

What We Do

Innovative Solutions from Calgary, AB, Canada
Crosswind Energy is a leading-edge chemical company headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada. We provide expert consultation and worldwide shipping for all your chemical needs. Contact us for more information about our products or to schedule an introductory meeting.

Our Offerings

Research & Development
Our state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, ensures precise performance and trustworthy results. We specialize in water purity analysis and other critical testing services.

Chemical Sales
We offer green and cost-effective chemical solutions, with a focus on sustainable practices and high-quality products.

Our Brand

A Name You Can Trust

Crosswind Energy: Your Partner for Industry-Leading Solutions

At Crosswind Energy, we are committed to delivering excellence. We curate our portfolio with only the top brands in the industry, ensuring reliability and high performance for your business.

Unparalleled Quality and Performance
Our rigorous selection process ensures collaboration with the most reputable brands. Whether you need cutting-edge technology or high-quality chemicals, Crosswind Energy guarantees unmatched quality and performance.

Reliability You Can Count On
In our fast-paced industry, reliability is crucial. Crosswind Energy ensures that every product and service we provide meets the highest standards of dependability.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success
We understand that each business is unique. Our experts work closely with you to provide tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations.

Sustainability at the Core
We are committed to building a sustainable future. Our product selection reflects our dedication to environmentally conscious solutions without compromising performance.

Global Impact, Local Commitment
As a global leader, we bring world-class solutions to your doorstep while maintaining a commitment to local relationships. We provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your industry.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future
We champion sustainability by integrating eco-friendly practices into our product development. Our innovative solutions not only elevate your operations but also contribute to a greener future.

Elevate Your Industry Standards with Crosswind Energy

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Methane Monitoring, Methan Abatement, ESG Reproting, Reclamation Planning

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Innovation

At CEC, we are committed to delivering top-tier methane monitoring, abatement solutions, and advanced environmental software that align with sustainable values. Our offerings are designed to help businesses achieve their environmental goals while maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Sustainable Values at the Core

Methane Monitoring: Utilize state-of-the-art technology for precise methane detection and monitoring, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and reducing your carbon footprint. Our monitoring systems provide real-time data, enabling timely interventions to prevent leaks and minimize environmental impact.

Methane Abatement: Implement advanced abatement strategies that effectively reduce methane emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment and aligning with global sustainability goals. Our abatement solutions are designed to be both environmentally friendly and economically viable, ensuring that sustainability does not come at the expense of your bottom line.

Environmental Software: Leverage sophisticated software tools for comprehensive environmental management, data analysis, and reporting. Our software is intuitive and easy to integrate, providing seamless operation and valuable insights into your environmental performance. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, our software grows with you, supporting your sustainability journey every step of the way.

Expert Consultation: Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge and experience to guide you in implementing effective methane management and abatement strategies. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and develop customized solutions that align with your sustainability goals.

Ongoing Support: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring optimal performance of your monitoring and abatement systems. We stay ahead of the curve with continuous advancements and updates to our software and technology, ensuring you always have access to the latest innovations.

Technological Innovation

Advanced Hardware: Our methane monitoring devices utilize the latest in sensor technology for unmatched accuracy and reliability. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, our equipment is designed for long-lasting performance.

Software Excellence: Our environmental software provides real-time data analytics, enabling quick decision-making and effective environmental management. Seamlessly integrate our software with your existing systems for a holistic approach to environmental monitoring and management.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At CEC, we believe in the power of innovation to drive sustainable change. Our methane monitoring, abatement solutions, and environmental software are not just about meeting today's needs but are designed with the future in mind. By partnering with us, you are investing in a cleaner, more sustainable future while benefiting from the highest standards of service and technology.

Transform Your Environmental Strategy with CEC

Experience the synergy of advanced technology, expert services, and a commitment to sustainability with CEC. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can elevate your environmental strategy and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

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Percision Farming, Food Soverinty and Nature Based Reclamation

At Ubba's Grub Hub, our commitment to quality is matched by our dedication to nature-based reclamation practices and supporting Indigenous-focused businesses. We pride ourselves on providing the freshest produce and the finest trees, all cultivated with sustainable methods that restore and enhance the land. By utilizing organic farming techniques, permaculture principles, and regenerative agriculture, we ensure that our products not only meet the highest standards of excellence but also contribute to the health and vitality of the ecosystem. Our efforts in land stewardship are designed to foster biodiversity, improve soil health, and reduce environmental impact, creating a more sustainable future for all.

Furthermore, Ubba's Grub Hub is proud to be Indigenous-owned and operated. Our business is deeply rooted in the rich agricultural traditions and knowledge of our ancestors. We actively collaborate with other Indigenous communities to share best practices, support local economies, and promote the cultural significance of sustainable farming. This unique approach not only guarantees top-tier agricultural products but also fosters a harmonious relationship with the environment and promotes economic growth within Indigenous communities. At Ubba's Grub Hub, we are more than just a source for premium produce and trees; we are stewards of the land, champions of cultural heritage, and committed partners in the journey towards sustainable agriculture.

Our dedication extends to the reclamation of the environment through innovative practices such as utilizing carbon credits and nature-based solutions. By planting and nurturing trees, we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the impact on the boreal forest. These efforts not only sequester carbon but also restore natural habitats, protect wildlife, and maintain the ecological balance of these vital forests. At Ubba's Grub Hub, we believe that every tree planted is a step towards a healthier planet, and our commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in everything we do.

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Sustainability is core to our business

At Breakwater Vantage, we recognize the transformative impact of climate change, market volatility, and rising stakeholder expectations on your business.

Why Choose Us?

Adaptability and Innovation: We are continuously enhancing our capabilities to offer solutions that address today’s challenges and prepare you for the future. Our team stays at the forefront of industry advancements to ensure you receive the most innovative and effective solutions.

Client-Centric Approach: We deeply understand your evolving needs and are committed to helping you navigate and adapt to a changing world. By closely monitoring industry trends and listening to your feedback, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Unparalleled Service: Our commitment is to provide an unprecedented level of client service. We focus on delivering comprehensive technical water and energy solutions that cover every aspect of your needs, from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support.

Cutting-Edge Specialization: We partner with leading technology providers and utilize advanced software programs to bring you state-of-the-art solutions. Our specialization includes the latest advancements in industrial water treatment, clean energy technologies, and sustainability practices.

Accretive Value Growth: Our priority is to deliver exceptional service that drives growth for our clients, benefits our communities, and satisfies our stakeholders. We focus on creating and enhancing value through strategic solutions that contribute to your long-term success.

Technical Expertise: Leverage our extensive expertise in the followng: Industrial Water Treatment - implementing advanced treatment technologies to ensure efficient and sustainable water usage; Clean Energy Solutions - providing renewable energy options and improving energy efficiency to reduce your environmental footprint; ustainability Accounting - offering robust accounting practices to measure and report on your sustainability performance; and, Asset Optimization - utilizing data-driven strategies to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your assets.

With Breakwater Vantage, you gain a partner dedicated to your success, equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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Sustaining Future Generations - Trade Show

Thank you to the great communities we work with. Learn more about how we are working together to create long-term benefits for Fort McMurray 468 First Nation and its membership
while driving mutually beneficial business opportunities and growth within the Athabasca Region and North America.

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Exciting News - Oil Sands Toxicity

Martin Grygar was at the House of Commons in Ottawa to speak on the issue of toxicology concerns and complexities in the Oil Sands, Fort McMurray. Breakwater is working with indigenous communities and oil sands operators to solve this very complex issue with treatment technologies and solutions where the indigenous communities can participate in a meaningful way to protect the environment for future generations.

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Exciting News - Business Elite Canada

Breakwater Vantage supports Indigenous Communities and Corporations in managing their resources in an environmentally responsible manner by offering expertise in areas such as carbon footprint analysis, waste treatment, chemical optimization, GHG emission analysis, asset assessments, and oil and gas mining / exploration. To achieve this, Breakwater Vantage leverages technological innovations, facilitates policy changes, and drives cultural shifts to support the transition to a more sustainable energy system and solution.

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Our Experience

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Biological Purification
Wetland Creation
Mining Plant

Water Resource

Environment & Reclamation

Resource Recovery

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Sustainable Farming

Design & Engineering

Asset Liability Management & Policy

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At Breakwater Vantage, we are committed to "our people, doing the right thing, and combining science, engineering and technology to drive value"

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