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Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative.

Design Engineering Water and Carbon: Welcome
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Design Engineering

Our Engineering Consultants Can Bring Your Ideas To Market or Modular Fully Commercialized Solutions.

Breakwater Vantage is a product development engineering firm that are focused on full wrap solutions to market. We provide electrical, mechanical, process, civil, environmental, reclamation, water and software engineering consulting services. Our company offers engineering design consulting on projects such as Water Treatment, Ore extraction, Mining, GHG, Carbon, Environmental, Reclamation, Software etc.

Some of our customers bring us an “idea-on-a-napkin” concept, and we take it from there, with frequent interaction, to design and build a working solution from pilot to commercialization. With others, we are brought in as members of a large, global team and work closely with their in-house marketing, product design, engineering, and supply chain teams to cooperatively develop and release a solution that is fit for purpose. Still other clients come to us with a fully-detailed specification for a specific project needed for a much larger system, facility, site etc.


Water Treatment

Breakwater Vantage reduce water consumption and optimize production with full lifecycle water management programs in oilfield water treatment, mining, oil sands, fracing chemicals and technologies. Our team draws on complementary energy and water expertise to engineer, design, effective, and affordable water treatment solutions. We offer the experience, resources, and technology to optimize your program across your operations and help streamline and simplify your water management to improve you sustainability goals.

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Carbon & GHG

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verification is a growing concern and identifying the best fit for purpose carbon capture technology, green chemicals, biogas, waste heat recovery etc.

Our team is currently a growing and so is the need for GHG verification and validation services across Canada, but specifically within Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Regulatory markets.

Operations Handbooks, Identifying Solutions for GHG Reductions, Software Tracking, and Verification of greenhouse gas and Carbon may be required for several reasons: Mandated for Compliance or Regulatory Reporting, Carbon Offset Projects, Voluntary Initiatives such as ESG Reporting.

Breakwater Vantage is able to offer these services to our existing and new clients. Our strong technical engineering background in the energy industry, and our extensive knowledge of provincial and federal greenhouse gas regulations, is a solid foundation for providing GHG verification services. 

Design Engineering Water and Carbon: Products
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Design Engineering Water and Carbon: Welcome
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