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Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative.

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Water Management Plans

Today, most countries are placing unprecedented pressure on water resources. Failure to address unsustainable use of water now will mean greater struggles in the future to achieve goals in a myriad of other areas. Protecting the environment for the coming generations begins with more effective water management today

At Breakwater Vantage Water Resource Management is based on the three guiding principles: social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our team will support strengthening water security against this backdrop of increasing demand, water scarcity, growing uncertainty, greater extremes, and fragmentation challenges, as our clients and customers will need to invest in institutional strengthening, information management, and (natural and man-made) infrastructure development. Our team works at the leading edge of institutional tools such as regulatory frameworks, water pricing, and green / indigenous incentives which our clients benefit by working with us. Our team has developed information systems for GHG and Water Balances as these are needed for resource monitoring, decision making under uncertainty, systems analyses, and hydro-meteorological forecast. Investments in innovative technologies for enhancing productivity, conserving and protecting resources, recycling storm water and wastewater, and developing non-conventional water sources should be explored in addition to seeking opportunities for enhanced water storage, including aquifer recharge and recovery. 

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) concept. Technology of CO2 capturing and st

Carbon Capture and Carbon Liability Assessment

Carbon liabilities could include the difference between: • actual emissions and regulatory emission limits, • actual emissions and allowances, • actual emissions and public statements made by senior officials about emission targets, • actual performance and performance targets established by contracts with other parties (e.g., joint venture partners), and • actual performance and societal expectations of emission reductions.

The International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) released IFRIC 3 'Emission Rights' on 2 December 2004. IFRIC 3 interprets the accounting for companies participating in government greenhouse gas schemes.



Breakwater Vantage provides comprehensive water, resource, GHG and environmental management solutions, to help you navigate thru the regulatory requirements, conveyance, data analytics and compliance reporting for lease maintenance, remediation (Abdn) and facility decommissioning plan for closure as part of the Environmental Assessment process. Breakwater recommendations will include a portfolio of options, budgets and provisions for financing or grants/external funding to manage the regulatory requirements (i.e., Clean Fuel) managing your carbon assets or liabilities. Our framework will allow an entity to maintain their readiness through an approach that recognizes the conditions facing your asset or even uncertainty regarding timing, nature and/or magnitude of regulatory requirements/guidance based on obligations.

The integration of technologies will allow a ‘360-degree’ view of our facilities and environment with real-time data transmission, and the capability to analyze at a high degree of certainty. The initiative of using technology to connect and integrate elements, processes and data under a common architecture will lend itself to be easily upgradable to other platforms or applications. Adopting technological applications will manage the analytics of past data for predicting future patterns, while reducing operating cost with greater efficiency and a modular strategy.

Machine vision and algorithms will enhance the value chain used to find yield limiting problems such as maximizing the capture of energy usage and resources for each individual processes, optimal throughput and the measurement of minimum and maximum consumption. Our component specific analysis will convert all types of energy to a common unit and provide a GHG emissions estimate for an asset or liability.

Indian totem poles in Stanley park in Vancouver, Canada..jpg

Indigenous Advocacy, Policies, & Rights

Wanuskewin, the nēhiyawēwin (Plains Cree) word roughly translated as 'seeking peace of mind' has been a sacred site and gathering place for more than 6,400 years. Together, we work to advance the understanding and appreciation of the evolving cultures of Indigenous peoples. We are leading the way in eco-solutions, partnering with Indigenous communities to revolutionizing the way we can all cooperate as one eco-system.

Our esteemed experts, serving as trusted advisors and subject matter experts to the House of Commons standing committee, help foster operational transformation, Treaty Rights, and Policy changes (ECCC, Federal SBT etc.). With a steadfast focus on sustainable engineering, we assist our clients in reducing emissions, preserving the environment, enhancing water reuse, effectively managing well and facility assets, and creating a lasting, positive impact for our indigenous communities.

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