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Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative.

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Water and Wastewater Advisory and Engineering Services

As a society striving towards better sustainable operational performance, Breakwater Vantage is ensuring that our environmental solutions and appropriate opportunities exist to re-use, recycle, or treat the waste without undue risks to our clients operations, human health or the environment. The practical availability of other means of disposal should be considered in the light of a comparative decision analysis tools, economic modelling, technology evaluation and risk assessments. We will address the causes of environmental, economic and social concerns around pressures on biodiversity, climate change and sustainability. Our solutions are coupled to drive long term-value and reliability to address water treatment of produce water, tailings and surface water. We will consider air pollutants, fresh water, soil contamination and remediation solutions and recommending programs by building "operating controls” to support those improvements.

We work with Communities, Governments and Companies to employ International Standards to transition to a more sustainable operations and low carbon emission business. Understating your business strategy and current ventures / initiatives for short-term, medium-term, and long-term operating scenario. We will assess any potential risks to current facilities to gain a better understanding of what technologies and operating policies can be implemented to ensure our client's have the fit for purpose water treatment solution for years to come.

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Water Treatment Execution

Our fit for purpose philosophy to treatment systems are cost effective and modular and we work with fabrication shops to complete your design. The integration of innovative / modular technologies has a long-term benefit on reducing contaminants in produced water and minerals that includes proprietary knowledge, technology and current market solutions.

We provide capabilities for accurate real-time quantification of water quality based on sensor feedback loops with risk mitigation strategies. By understanding your facility energy policy baseline, energy advancements and KPI benchmarking to our client's sustainable and energy targets.

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Asset Optimization Tools & Data Analytics

Our Asset Optimization Tool is to utilize automation to reduce the complexity with Water Treatment Assets by allowing for predictive learning to improve productivity, uptime and process reliability.

We will provide energy and water audits to water treatment facilities to help identify energy-saving actions and optimization opportunities to improve capacity constraints. The initiative of using technology to connect and integrate elements, processes and data under a common architecture will lend itself to be easily upgradable to other platforms or applications. Adopting technological applications will manage the analytics of past data for predicting future patterns, while also reducing operating costs and increasing uptime (predictive maintenance).

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Water Experience: Welcome
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