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Why is Sustainable Agriculture in a Digital World Important to Canadians

Breakwater Vantage are helping with fusing Aquaculture technology with IoT, cloud, robotics, machine learning and sensors to maximize yield and crop nutrition in modular systems.

Agriculture is one of the largest manufacturing sectors and is truly an international industry with exports and imports all over North America and the World. The current challenges in food security/safety, resource optimization, population growth, climate change, and political pressures will continually drive, agriculture, Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) with digital technologies. We are providing solutions that will play a critical role, in transforming the global food chain by providing a modular solution to reducing amount of land, carbon and water being used for agriculture. Currently conventional agricultural practices have led to deforestation for additional crop production, these activities have a negative impact on the environment. Our solution utilizes both horizontal and vertical space saving (internally and externally), while efficiently circulating nutrients, water, and air.

Our solution moves away from the traditional platform functions to a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) structure, that will maximize data throughput and storage capability for future scalability and elasticity. The IoT implementation is aimed at further enhancing the monitoring for vertical and horizontal integration for costs control, data analysis, machine/predictive learning (AI) and crop yields. Micro-sensors will capture temperature, humidity, water flow, robotic seeding, harvesting and growth rates from each growing tray in the tower. This will allow urban, rural & aboriginal communities that are lacking strategies around impending uncertainties of water scarcity, processes and technologies, be able to invest into a stable, low carbon and healthy food. Our services will deliver efficient and sustainable technology’s and will make a difference in diversifying and growing the economy.

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