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Cost-effective option of reducing emissions and liabilities

Regardless of whether your organization has a sophisticated approach to managing assets, climate risks and opportunities or is just getting started, it can benefit from standardized steps to help lay the groundwork for effective climate-related, materiality mapping and asset management strategies. Breakwater Vantage will aim to facilitate a more effective communication on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics, specifying any exposure risks to performance relative to peers for better long-term value creation. We identify subsets of issues and refine it to improve harmonization of data, results that can improve financial performance. Breakwater Vantage will benchmark matters of issue that can materially impact an entity’s business with relatively low error for internal/external reporting to cost-effectively allocate capital.

Our leadership is primarily focused on your team’s performance on topics that drive consistency, comparability, and reliability for new negative emissions technologies (NET). We know reducing emissions from production and operations, water and waste water, spills and contamination and legacy assets are sometimes amongst the hardest to abate due to the inherent issues associated with process (temperatures), production or seasonality. However, by understanding the best cost-effective option of reducing emissions/liability, your enterprise will benefit from a proven commercial scale solution to achieving net zero targets.

1) Reducing emissions from agriculture, geothermal or coal/oil/gas facilities and liability management

2) Clean energy, carbon management and hydrogen production

3) Manufacturing and designing sustainable infrastructure

4) Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

5) CCS technologies to permanently store CO2

Breakwater Vantage understands your business is important and we will help you to understand the “actionable” GHG emission solutions, even from those that are emitted by other sources and may not be directly owned or controlled by your entity (i.e., energy being purchased); water and waste management strategies; and management of spills and contamination of legacy assets. We are uniquely positioned to support your entities' challenges and implement recommendations in a way that is both cost-effective and useful for internal and external stakeholders and for corporate sustainability reporting.

Our understanding of asset management, sources of impacts and materiality mapping of targets on current topics, metrics or regulatory concerns facing your sector which can have long term effects, up and down your value chain. Breakwater Vantage can facilitate your ability to capture energy-efficient products/solutions to further promote financial materiality of sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint and opportunities for incentivization of reducing emissions.

Contact us today to help you with better meeting the changing needs of your assets, water and waste management, soil contamination, carbon liability and CCS technologies to support the long-term stability and resilience of your enterprise. Breakwater Vantage draws on both internal and market-based expertise to provide a cost-effective engineering design, fabrication, emission solutions and legacy assets (producing/non-producing assets). Don’t miss any whitepaper or updates by signing up for our monthly newsletters.

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