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Tips for gaining competitive advantage in Geothermal

Breakwater Vantage multidisciplinary, diverse team leverages longstanding global collaborations to accelerate next generation asset evaluation to reduce emissions. Our solutions require no additional sites when utilizing legacy wells. Having proper asset and infrastructure evaluation are key advantage for capital costs and enhancing project economics.

Our plan aims to further develop national capability and emerging expertise for profitability and capital cost accounting. Partnering with technical experts, we can characterize resource conditions and uncertainties while drawing on the learnings of worldwide systems. Consider evaluating your geothermal asset for smaller modular ORC facilities of 0.25MW to 2.5MW at localized hot zones. The thermodynamic properties of fluid will affect the efficiency of the cycle at certain temperatures. However, overall mechanical or electrical efficiency in the ORC system depends on the compatibility between expander characteristics, working fluid properties, and thermodynamic cycle parameters.

Furthermore, by integrating emissions capture, reinjection or sequestration in your strategy can achieve a higher step change in emissions reduction. Emissions capture innovation will enable high-value applications, enhance export of low-carbon know-how, and other new industries e.g. hydrogen economy.

Interested in understanding synergistic opportunities to cost effectively develop your asset and plan for future Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage, reach out to us at

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